About Us

Indian Hill Partners’ mission is to identify highly profitable real estate investment opportunities in which we see tremendous potential and capitalize on them for our investors and clients. That opportunity may lie in undeveloped terrain. Or it may be an underappreciated asset that requires insightful management and re-direction.

At Indian Hill Partners, we survey the landscape, identify the right opportunities to pursue and maximize returns through skillful acquisition, asset classification and execution of strategic plans. Since our founding in 1993, IHP has achieved an enviable level of success, attaining optimum returns for our investors in diverse areas of real estate, including recreational, commercial, hospitality and residential properties.

In any market, the land holds great promise if you know where to find it. Indian Hill Partners has demonstrated a keen ability to read where values are going, to identify the opportunities with the greatest potential, and to leverage our collective skill and experience for optimum returns to our investors and partners.