IHP has been involved in the development of numerous premier golf courses and golfing communities. We:

  • Direct land planners and engineers
  • Negotiate with local officials to obtain all necessary approvals
  • Develop and manage the property, or
  • Sell components to golf-course operators, homebuilders or other potential end-users

We produce the optimum return allowable under zoning regulations, ensuring current zoning laws support the development. This requires uncommon vision and the perseverance to pursue it – both of which are embodied in our founder and President, Gary Chensoff.


Indian Hill Partners actively seeks undeveloped property in strategic locations and guides development. We:

  • Research and analyze potential for development
  • Work to obtain all required permits and approvals
  • Prepare the site development plan
  • Sell lots to individuals , homebuilders and other end-users
  • Develop parcels, including for both single-family and multi-family

We have also successfully purchased incomplete developments, re-imagined and developed amenity infrastructures and re-zoned tracts for more effective use of land and velocity of unit sales.


Indian Hill Partners investigates commercial development opportunities in growth markets near upper-income populations, where they have the greatest chance of success. We:

  • Determine the maximum commercial development value
  • Analyze the area’s current zoning laws
  • Conduct market-specific research
  • Prepare financial and construction budgets

A vital component often overlooked by other real estate developers is identifying the most profitable and marketable use for the project and adjusting plans to maximize return. This extra step can lead to a restructuring of the property to accommodate, for example, a daycare facility, assisted living residences or office space.


IHP has been particularly successful in providing solid asset management to hospitality endeavors through hands-on ownership. Typically, we:

  • Acquire assets close to commercial, academic or tourism sites
  • Conduct market-specific research
  • Secure financing
  • Oversee capital plans

IHP has assumed management of luxury and high profile resort properties in several states, including Florida, California, and Arizona. , and re-structured them financially for expanded development and re-sale. Returns to our investors have been as great as four times principal and have enabled them to re-invest in subsequent endeavors.